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I AM HEALTHY. I have the strength of a mountain inside my bones, the power of the sea inside my blood. I have the energy of the stars flowing through me and the nourishment of the Earth feeds my flesh. Every atom of my mind, body and spirit is in perfect order. I AM HEALTHY.


    The Tree Of Life stands strong. Roots nourishing up to branches, branches nourishing down to roots. Your ancestors in a spiral going all the way back to the original, sending you their health and vigor. As the Lakota say "Mitakuye oyasin", "all my relations"- all are connected, as all are important. My community is healthy and strong, because I am healthy and strong. Healthy individuals make a healthy whole.

    The chain is 16" and adjutable.

    Available in .925 sterling silver, 14k gold plate (over .925), and 14k.

    Your handmade sigil necklace comes with a full ritual kit, including paolo santo wood, wish paper, and full instructions on how to activate your magick.


    We make every piece, one by one, just for you.  We do our very best to send you the highest quality sigil, filled with good energy. Due to the energetic nature of our sigils, there are no returns. 

    If there is, for some reason, a fault in our craftsmanship, please email us and we will be happy to send you a replacement sigil. 


    AMA Sigils are made to order. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery. Thank you.

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