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Making Magick with Sigils

Sigils are ancient codes of magic: an intention distilled down to a few letters, and distilled again into a symbol. Here is how to make your sigil necklace magickal:

  • Sit comfortably, preferably in the night air, and take a quiet moment. Take three, long deep breaths (deep into your belly).

  • Light one end of the piece of Paolo Santo wood (also included) and as it smolders, use it as a wand to clear your energy from head to tow, front to back, and over your AMA Sigil Necklace.

  • As it smokes around you, give gratitude to your guardian angels and ancestors and ask them to guide you to your hearts desire.

  • Then, write your intention on the piece of wish paper (included) "I am" is a great beginning.

  • Crinkle up the wish paper into a ball. Un-crinkle it flat again, and wrap it around your finger, twisting the paper on the end of your fingertip.

  • Pull it off and set it up on its end like a candle. Place your AMA Sigil Necklace next to it.

  • Light the twisted "wick" of the paper on fire and watch your wish float up to the night sky. 

  • As it does, say "...And so it is"

Now your Sigil Necklace is charged with your intention.

A sigil projects your intention directly into your subconscious, which creates your reality. The most direct way to communicate with your subconscious is to turn off the conscious mind. There are a few ways to do this:

  • run to the point of exhaustion

  • hyperventilate

  • spin until your dizzy

  • orgasm (our personal favorite)​

When you get to this point, stare at the sigil with a blank mind for as long as you desire. Put your sigil around your neck and forget it ever happened. (This is really important- You must forget about it after you charge it.)

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